Terms For Window Cleaning Services in St Albans & Hertfordshire

Window Cleaning Quotations

Customers should submit a schedule of works to us, in order that the quotation we submit is accurate

Our quotes contain our most best estimate of the time it will take to clean a property or area to consistently high standards. Quotes include the cost of materials and transport. We do ask that potential customers show flexibility, as occasionally, estimates can deviate slightly from the time it takes to complete the window, conservatory, soffit or fascia cleaning. Actual charges may vary from our estimates.

We reserve the right to change our estimates if a customer amends their originally stated requirements


Our Charges

Additional fees are applicable if a customer adds to the cleaning itinary that was not included in the original quotation

There is no contract to sign with us. We will clean your windows to exacting standards for as long as you need us to

You don’t have to be present when we clean your windows. Payment should be made by cheque or in cash if you are at home. If you are not at home, then we will leave an addressed envelope for you to send payment to us by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Environet Property Maintenance