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Terms For Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning Quotations

Customers should submit a schedule of works to us, in order that the quotation we submit is accurate

Our online quotes contain our most best estimate of the time it will take to clean a property or area to consistently high standards. Quotes include the cost of materials and transport. We do ask that potential customers show flexibility, as occasionally, estimates can deviate slightly from the time it takes to complete the window, gutter and conservatory cleaning. Actual charges may vary from our estimates. If you require a more accurate price, then we will need to visit your property.

We reserve the right to change our estimates if a customer amends their originally stated requirements or if the cleans are taking longer than first envisaged when the original quotations were issued.


Our Charges

Additional fees are applicable if a customer adds to the cleaning itinery that was not included in the original quotation

There is no contract to sign with us. We will clean your windows, conservatory or guttering to exacting standards for as long as you need us to

Payment can either be made by bank transfer or in cash.



We cannot remove paint, glue, rust, filler, cement, lead staining, UV fading, hard water marks or marks left by climbing plants or egg that has been left on glass for an extended period of time.

We do not walk on roofs or climb fences to access any part of a property or any window. Cleaning will only be done from the ground or from a small step ladder. An exception to this is gutter cleaning where we will use an extension ladder in order to clean gutters, soffits and fascia boards to a satisfactory extent.

There is a very small possibility that after we have supplied the customer with an online window cleaning quotation, without viewing the property, we find that we can’t access all windows. In order to eliminate this possibility, and for the customer’s satisfaction, we should view the property in person.


Further Information

If you require additional information, then please go to our Contact Us page.