Privacy Statement and Data Protection

Environet Property Maintenance Data Protection Policy


Environet Property Maintenance (EPM) is fully committed to compliance with the new GDPR rules that came into effect on March 25th 2018. This policy illustrates how we collect and store data that is only relevant to the service being provided by us to a customer; to provide the smooth running of a transaction; to provide efficient administration of the business; to provide necessary record keeping for tax purposes, and in order to facilitate quotations and site visits.

Please take note of the following points

• We will hold and secure accurate and only necessary contact details for the administration and lawful function of our business
• We will store customer and invoice data securely in hard copy. Any printed customer information will be shredded, except for the information on invoices, which needs to be printed and stored for tax purposes
• We will never share with or sell your data to another organisation except when required to by law enforcement and other government agencies.

As part of the daily running of our business, Environet Property Maintenance (EPM Window Cleaners) must request, collect and use data about people with which it communicates. The GDPR regulations stipulate and seek to effect the secure and proper use of data, whichever way it is collected, recorded and utilised – for example, in a computer hard drive, on paper, or in any other way. We emphasise the seriousness we employ in the correct and lawful handling of personal information, and its effect on the confidence of all customers and businesses with which we transact.

(i) How We Use Your Data
For the avoidance of doubt, please read the bullet points below explaining how we use your data, how we process and store it, and the time limits we set for deletion of your data

1. Quotation Requests (by email)
Our first contact with a potential customer usually occurs when they send us a quotation request via our website. We may request the following information
(a) Name
(b) E-mail (optional when payments are in cash. Needed if payment is to be made by bank transfer)
(c) Phone number (optional)
(d) Service required
(e) Message

We may ask for a property address in our email reply, so that we may perform a site visit and supply the enquirer with a price. We send a written quote to the customer by email. These details are kept and stored by us for 28 DAYS or less after a quote is sent if there is no response to the quote. If the quote is not accepted, then we will remove all data regarding this communication within 7 DAYS. After that time has elapsed, the quote and associated emails are deleted. The information in points (a)-(d) are kept if the enquirer becomes a customer. The information in points (a) to (d)  may be kept on invoices for 6 YEARS for accounting purposes.

2. Quotation Requests (by phone)
We accept quotation requests by phone. We may ask for information covered by points 1 (a) to (e) above.

3. Quotation Requests (face to face enquiries)
We do not write customer details on to paper if somebody enquires about our services when they see us working. We simply give the person a business card with our website details and encourage them to enquire using the details on our contact page.

4. Recording of Bookings, Job and Invoice Data
In order to keep track of our work, invoicing and customer payments, we need to record personal data in spreadsheets and invoices. This information includes invoice and contact names and addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. We need to keep this data for 6 years for statutory accounting purposes.

Occasionally, we need to print booking data to formulate a job sheet for a day of work. This will include data such as invoice and contact names and addresses, and telephone numbers. This job sheet is always kept in a locked vehicle while away from the office. These print outs are shredded at the end of the working day.

5. Using Customer Data To Arrange Job Dates
We may use the customer’s Name, Address, Telephone Number and E-mail address to arrange a mutually convenient time to complete the works and to discuss issues related to the job

6. Website Tracking and Cookies
We use cookies, which are small pieces of HTML code, to track the movements of users across our website. No personally identifiable information is collected by these cookies. They are simply embedded in the website to provide us useful information that we can use to optimise the website for our users, so they can gain the information they need, as quickly as possible. If you don’t want these cookies downloaded on to your computer when you enter our website, you can stop cookie downloads using your internet browser. However, our website may not function properly in this case.

7. Email and Postal Marketing
We do not send newsletters or postal mail shots to any of our customers.

How We Store and Protect Your Data

1. File Types and Encryption
Our invoices and booking sheets are in .xls Excel format and are password protected. They are stored on a single laptop and on a separate hard drive as a back up in case of data loss that only the owner of the company has access to. The laptop is also password protected. The laptop is occasionally taken out of the office to work on at the owner’s home. The owner has access to emails and invoices sent in these emails on a work phone. Invoices are never saved on the phone but may be opened for reference, but not editing purpose while out of the office. The phone is password protected

2. Back Up Storage
Customer information is stored on a back up hard drive at the owner’s office only. Data is not stored at a remote location, including cloud storage.

3. Device Security
All devices on which customer data is handled or viewed is protected by Kaspersky Anti Virus and Firewall software that is automatically updated when an update becomes available.

4. Data Retention and Deletion
We hold only the amount of customer data that is necessary and sufficient to complete transactions and for accurate reporting of accounts to HMRC. We adhere to the following principles and procedures of data handling and protection:

(a) Personal data will be processed lawfully and fairly
(b)Data will only used and collected for specifically stated purposes
(c) Data will be kept that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
(d) Data will be kept updated and contemporary
(e) Data will not be held any longer than necessary
(f) The rights of the subject will be respected
(g) Data will be protected from unauthorised access, damage or accidental
(h) Data will not be transferred to a country outside the EEA
(i) Data will be erased securely in accordance with the GDPR

5. Opting In and Opting Out
If you wish to change the information we hold about you or you would like us to delete information about you, then please contact us at [email protected].

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